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Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Aclectic’s Adaptive Photonic Controller (ACC-ECM+) included in standardized state-wide energy efficiency performance measure in New York and Massachusetts.

Aclectic, a leading provider of Adaptive Photonic Controllers for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems is proud to announce it has been added as a standard energy efficiency performance measure to New York’s Technology Resource Manual (NYS TRM) and Massachusetts New Efficiency Technology program after review by the NYS TRM Management Committee and the Massachusetts Technical Assessment Committee (MTAC).

Aclectic’s Adaptive Photonic (Climate) Controller or (ACC-ECM+) is a proven “smart control” technology with key features being cost effective, high efficiency, quiet and clean control of air-flow and other load bearing applications. The patented product provides electronic commutation of AC Induction Motors with adaptive control features and substantial energy savings while maintain excellent comfort as well as indoor air quality.

The included performance measure covers the integration of the adaptive photonic control with HVAC fan motors including PTACs, PTHPs, mini-splits, central air units and furnace distribution system supply fans etc. It enables adaptive speed control for single-speed AC fan motors using sensors by continuously adapting to end-user requirements. It provides an adaptive airflow solution by tracking air temperature and optimizing operation based on climate conditions. Savings accrue not only from the reduction of fan speed to match thermal delivery rates, but also through better air mixing in the space and more effective heat transfer on the coils when the system is in operation. By adjusting airflow to improve heat transfer, the controller improves whole system operating efficiency and significantly reduces compressor run times.

The New York Standard Approach for Estimating Energy Savings from Energy Efficiency Programs - Residential, Multi-Family, and Commercial/Industrial, known as the Technical Resource Manual (TRM), provides a standardized, fair, and transparent approach for measuring program energy savings across New York State’s energy efficiency programs. To do so, the TRM provides standardized energy savings calculations and assumptions at the measure level for estimating energy and demand savings.

The Massachusetts Technical Assessment Committee (MTAC) provides a statewide coordinated process to assess the energy saving merits of new technologies and provides the Massachusetts Program Administrators (MA PAs) qualified technologies for consideration to participate in Massachusetts Energy Efficiency (EE) programming.

Inclusion as a standardized measure in these two states highlights Aclectic’s innovative and systematic approach to developing best-in-class HVAC solutions to provide energy savings and comfort to clients. Now are customers have assurance that our ACC-ECM+ product delivers the capabilities they expect.

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