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Aclectic was created as a division of Custom Electronics, Inc., to develop, manufacture and commercialize Adaptive Photonic Controllers in partnership with Opto Generic Devices, Inc. (OGC, Inc.), and Halovation. OGD is a private R&D company near Cooperstown, NY in Van Hornesville, NY that has developed and patented technologies for HVAC systems and electric motors. Halovation is a technology commercialization company providing strategy and business development services in energy and semiconductor industries.

Aclectic’s vision is to become a leading provider of products and solutions using Adaptive Photonic Control to the HVAC-R and other industry sectors. The core innovation is a patented photon-based adaptive control solution designed to operate AC motors that fundamentally improves indoor air quality, comfort, noise levels, performance, reliability, and efficiency. These advances have been validated through deployment at thousands of units over several years. Aclectic focuses on applications where comfort, noise, energy efficiency, real time monitoring and demand reduction are critical.

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