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The New York Build Show will be attended by the New Aclectic Team

NY Build Show March 8, 9, 2023 Introduces:

­­­___ New HVAC Energy Solutions & A New Aclectic Team __

The New York Build Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center will be attended by the New Aclectic Team:

· OGD-Opto Generic Devices Inc, Cooperstown, NY

· CEI-Custom Electronics Inc., Oneonta, NY

· DVM Industries, Brooklyn, NY

· CWS-Coil Winding Specialists Orange Cty, Calf

o and Other Affiliate Associates.

o See *_* below

The New Aclectic Team offers a “Start to Finish Service” for HVAC projects in new and existing buildings. Projects include

HVAC Energy Reduction Solutions in

high-rise, multi-family, hotels, schools, senior living, commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

On display at the exhibit booth #___ will be the OGD product solutions which utilize proprietary patented technology known as Opto Graphic Processing & Programming (OPP). Products that have been developed, Produced, Installed, Verified, Vetted And Proven include:

- Adaptive Climate Controller (ACC) for HVAC Retrofit Upgrade

- OGD’s new Novel iTacc Unit to Replace PTACs/PTHPs

- OGD’s new Novel iSacc Unit to Replace Mini-Split Systems,

Benefits of these Novel units \ With its “ACC Inside OPP Tech” include:

- higher performance, higher torque, from AC motors,

- w/o heat or harmonics, lower mechanical stress,

- Intelligent / Adaptive / Better Motor and System Ops,

- Feed Back & “Feed Forward” Controls and Sensors,

- lower utility bills & charges,

- W/ Improved indoor climate control for greater comfort

These higher efficiency Smarter OGD Units will also reduce Total HVAC System Energy Consumption by as much as 30% or greater…!!

*_* The Aclectic team is available for all builders, engineers, and building owners or management personnel attending the show, and wishing to see live performance demonstrations of the technology at the booth.

The team of professional companies contribute design and product development abilities, with manufacturing experience, product component procurement and manufacturing, marketing and sales, installation and administrative services and financing resources.

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