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The Road to All-Electric Buildings!!

We have EV cars, trucks and trains for clean transportation, however, in an effort to reach zero carbon goals we need to move towards all-electric buildings. Buildings generate nearly 40% of the Green House Gas emissions around the world and the rate is substantially higher in dense cities. As the utility grid becomes cleaner with the addition of renewable energy such as wind and solar, it is necessary to gradually phase out the use of oil or natural gas for heating in buildings, especially in cold climate conditions. Heat pumps are becoming more efficient and cost effective for extreme cold conditions, especially with the integration of high performing adaptive photonic controllers! The innovative controller technology makes heat pumps viable and economical for electrification of buildings even in regions with the harshest winters. Stricter building codes that raise performance levels and proactive utility measures to promote all-electric buildings will lead to jump-starting the path towards a decarbonization strategy.

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