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Today’s HVAC Systems

ac  - Air Conditioners
ptac  - Packaged Terminal
     Air Conditioners
pthp  - Packaged Terminal
     Heat Pumps
mini  - Mini Split Systems

About: About

Same Dated Dumb - Air Moving HVAC Equipment


HVAC Solutions

iTacc - intelligent


Total air conditioning __& Cleaning

ITACC__  - Intelligent Total Adaptive Climate Conditioner

ACCHP__  - Adaptive Conditioning & Cleaning Heat Pump

iSacc__  - Intelligent Split air conditioning __& Cleaning

iSACC__  - Intelligent Split Adaptive Climate Conditioner

Novel, New, Smart, intelligent – Adaptive

Climate Improvements

Adaptive Photonic Control: The Future of HVAC Systems


Aclectic’s vision is to become a leading provider of Products and Solutions using Adaptive Photonic Control to the HVAC-R and other industry sectors.


Aclectic is revolutionizing the design, manufacture and deployment of high-performance packaged air conditioning units and heat pumps. The products are ideal for a range of markets and applications including retrofits and new installations in hotels, schools, hospitals, multi-family housing etc.


The core innovation is a patented adaptive photonic control solution designed to operate ac motors that fundamentally improve indoor air quality, comfort, noise levels, performance, reliability, and efficiency. These advances have been validated through deployment at thousands of units over several years.


Aclectic focuses on applications where comfort, noise, energy efficiency, real time monitoring and demand reduction are critical.

New York City
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ACC Install
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