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Adaptive Photonic Control: The Future of HVAC Systems

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Adaptive Climate Controller (ACC): Is a Patented Optically Programmer Encoder (OPE) Technology that runs at adaptive speeds determined by sensors.


It uses Opto-electronic Transducers and Graphical Apertures that are integrated into intelligent, signal and vector processors enabling their use as Analog Power Controllers.


This reduces the number of power conversion steps needed by directly converting AC power to variable AC resulting in lower losses, reduced harmonics and makes them lower cost than variable frequency drives (VFDs) and ECM motors.


The controller provides improved speed control of AC motors by continuously adapting to end-user requirements compared to fixed speed systems.


It serves as a simple, low cost solution that offers adaptive airflow that tracks/follows air temperature.

Proven, fully commercialized Adaptive Climate Controller (ACC) Technology

15+ year history in development,                    demonstration, deployment.

ACC provides Future Disruptive HVAC Products:

Retrofit Existing PTACs/PTHP

High Performance PTAC/PTHP units

High Performance Mini-Split AC/HP units​Central Air units​

Improved Air Quality: removes pollen,             bacteria, dust, mold etc.

Reduced Noise Levels.

Soft-Start with Reduced Power                         Consumption.

Lower Harmonics.

Real Time Remote Monitoring/Control             w/WiFi; Demand Response Capability.

Energy savings from 20 to 40+%.

Faster Return on Investment from <18 to 36     months.

Lower costs and more savings than VFDs         and ECM motors.

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