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  1. Adaptive Speed Indoor Fan

  2. Electronic Air Cleaning Purifier*

  3. High Performance Air Filters

  4. Air Flow Temperature and Humidity Sensors

  5. Adaptive Climate Control Smart Tech

  6. Whisper Quiet Continuous Fan Ops … plus more Improved IAQ

* optional features available

OGD Inc. has taken an ‘ordinary PTAC’

and made it … “Extraordinary” ...!!!

I-TACC: “Intelligent - Total Air Climate Conditioner.”

1. Adaptive Speed Indoor fan More than two speed and more than just variable speed.  The Indoor fan is upgraded with patented optical programming to give the fan “Adaptive or Intelligent Speed Control and Adjust.”  This dynamic and continuous fan speed self-adjusts to the evaporator coil BTU output.  This is one of the primary differences why OGD’s PTAC is renamed an ITACC for - Intelligent Total Air Climate Conditioner. More than just an ordinary “AC – Air Conditioner”; “ACC is an Air Climate Conditioner”. It upgrades much more than the energy efficiency of ordinary PTACs, ACC provides a key boost to indoor climate and gives tighter and better temp and humidity control.  Adaptive and Intelligent air flow optimizes heat and cool transfer, gives quieter performance and saves energy.

2. Electronic Air Cleaner & Purifier* – A built in Adaptive / Smart electronic  Air Cleaner combines with all the many upgraded ITACC functions to give air cleaning features often only found with separate and expensive room air cleaners.  This safe, clean, quiet and low energy power feature improves the room air quality and can help remove many of the pollutants harmful to humans. It is ozone and UV free and requires virtually no maintenance.  More reasons why the ITACC is much more than a PTAC! *Option

4. Air Flow Temperature and Humidity Sensors  An added dual differential analog temperature and humidity sensors monitor and feedback room climate conditions.  Factory Opto Programmed and set to respond to and track both heating and cooling output air, this dual Hot & Cold Sensor provides continuous and real-time analog feedback to the ACC unit.  The ACC patented climate circuits and software interpret the safe low power sensor input, converts it into power output control to the fans and more.  Directly measuring and converting airflow rate as a function of actual real time discharge air flow condition, I-TACC is constantly optimizing room climate needs and responses.

5. OGD’s Adaptive Climate Control Smart Unit – This is the heart and brains of OGD’s new I-TACC.  This small patented “ACC unit” is inside a PTAC to interface with its existing controls.  Like ‘Intel Inside’ OGD’s simple, single “ACC unit” contains all the intelligence, processing, programming, interfaces, conversions and power drivers that make the new I-TACC possible.  The ACC has multiple patented Opto processors that let it do multiple concurrent control functions giving powerful new features to PTACs but in a simple and reliable way (see ACC Cut Sheet for more).  The improved Smart Adaptive operation of indoor fan is all done with this single OP unit but, ACC also directly affects and improves compressor, heating coil element and outdoor fan operating efficiency as well.

6. Whisper Quiet Continuous Idle Speed Fan Ops  – The I-TACC gives Opto  programmed intelligent control, improved climate, ops and efficiency  but there just may be one other feature that also counts…

 … Noise…!  PTACs generally are in the same area where we sleep…  And the abrupt loud on and off operation of most PTACs is one of the Most annoying PTAC complaints.  OGD has patented and included in its iTACC a soft smooth fan speed ramp-up and ramp-down coupled with a Whisper Quiet Idle Fan-On feature.  This helps you to be in the same room, but not be bothered by loud disruptive fan noise (and further helps clean and climatize room air …)

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